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Jul. 23rd, 2008

i've moved!

Here's my new dreamieland

Jul. 4th, 2008

my daddy and mummy

My daddy and mummy really love me alot in their little ways! Saying sweet things are so not how we have been communicating since young but they do it through the little things!

I had this small episode of hyperventilation a couple of weeks ago when they were out on holiday...and for a week or so after that...i was so sure my mummy had stayed up to make sure that i was safely home and asleep before she went to bed...daddy was equally sweet!

Today, i was rushing for church after work and daddy decided to pick me up at a train station. He had asked mummy to pack a small pack of fried rice for himself as he was out driving till a little late. So he called me up when i was still at the office to ask if i had eaten and i said i have not...so he insisted on picking me up a few train stations further from where i was supposed to alight and said that he had a pack of fried rice for me..he was worried that my gastric problems would come again if i didnt eat proper meals!! I thought that that was really really sweet =) I had half the fried rice and left the other half for him =)

It is amazing how parents provide for their children...they are the same to my sister.....A HUGE THANK YOU TO THEM!! (Another scrap-worthy story!! =)

anyway...met up with Sindy on Tuesday to pass her the layout....with her permission to post the layout....here it is!!!

Used some Qtea stuff from previous kits as well as the new alpha stash i have...and papers from Sassafras Lass in the Red velvet club kit!

God bless!


Jun. 30th, 2008


=) it's been a while since i last posted! Not even sure where i ended with my story...but have been scrapping!! Here's a layout i did with the qtea kit....loving the wonderful deerie kit! It is perfect for this photo of my sister B and Baby G!!

And...have also finally completed the layout for Sindy =) Sorry gal for taking so long!! But here's a sneak!

Loving the pink, orange and greens...hope you like it too!! =)

Have also done a couple of other layouts with the lovely Red Velvet Kit...the Sassafras Lass papers were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!!! AND AND AND....it was a good mail day last friday.......CHECK THIS OUT!!


Anyway, lots of scrapping to be done this week! To do list: 2 commission layouts, 1 wedding guest book, 1 snowflake, 1 hanging mobile and some other decorative stuff to do for Baby G's first birthday party this Saturday!! Did i mention i modified a tricycle i bought for him?? *hees* Will share that after Saturday!

That's all from me now! Have a great week ahead and God bless!

Jun. 3rd, 2008

ms scrap-a-lot

haha...that's a funny title...maybe i should scrap with it one day!

Anyway..have been scrapping ALOT (in my own sense of the word) last week... here are the layouts!!

My baptism layout...using the beautiful drool-worthy Qtea kit!!

This little cute girl is a cut out from a free calendar i got a long while back! I knew it would come in handy in the perfect layout one day =)

And i have been wanting to create thank you layouts for the sponsors in my RCIA group. I have completed four so far!! Two more to go! They will all be put in Ikea's 9in x 9in shadow boxes =)

For Michael

For Joseph

For Jhalley

For Weiwei

Random thoughts of the day
1. i love it when people understands my layouts....my thoughts..
2. i want to include journalling in all my layouts...that is what scrapbooking is all about =) Capturing moments.
3. i like to include quirky things in my layouts...that is what makes it different
4. I would really love to have everyone in the whole wide world see what i create...but there is no easy way to go about doing it!
5. Cluttered is so my style =) I LOVE IT!!! But you don't have to =)

God Bless!!!

May. 27th, 2008

almost there...

i'm 75% done with my scrap area packing!!! Each time i pack...i throw away tons of things....guess i am really a collector of junk!! haha. Last night i only managed to pack my ribbons and scraps. I am so into ziplock bags now...cos i bought a hundred of it!! Was originally thinking of using it for Gideon's party packs...but now i am using it for lots of other stuff as well! I also remembered how Em had a post recently about having her flowers in ziplock bags! It is a cheap storage solution and i love it! Will post some photos later in the day...too lazy and tired now!

I also bought larger ziplock bags for my half finished or in-progress layouts! Neater this way...

hmm...i had something to say but i forgot what it was!! I think i need sleep..

Night night!


May. 25th, 2008

just say a little prayer...

Am now watching a Charity show which has raised almost SGD 4 million (and counting) for the victims of the deadly earthquake in China, Sichuan province. Let's do our part. Donate to a local charity or simply, say a little prayer.

God bless.

May. 24th, 2008

and the winner is...

First and foremost....THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS!!! =) It is quite amazing to receive so many responses from fellow scrappers all around (yes...12 is alot for me!) =) SCRAPPERS UNITE!

I was thinking about how i was going to do the picking of the winner and i came up with many super complicated formulae...finally..this is how i chose the winner!!

S and i were at coffee bean..

me: oki..give me a number between 1 to 12.
S: erm.....17!
S: erm...26!..divided by 2.....eh...ok....7...8.....7....8.....Alright....EIGHT!

When i told S that the eighth reply on my post will get the layout...he went "oh now the rest of them are going to blame me!" *haha*

Anyway...so Sindy you are the winner!!!! Please send an email to merdrey[at]gmail.com with a photo and your mailing address!! Also include some information about the photo, like date, location, names and any journaling or feelings you want me to include!! =)

(Anonymous) on May 22nd, 2008 08:15 am (UTC)

An Apple, a Mac, must be an iMac! :)
I want I want! Pleaseeee do a layout for meeee!!!!
- Sindy

Coincidentally...Sindy also got the answer right!! It is my new iMac...loving it more and more!!! Got my Adobe CS3 installed last night =)

ok! signing out now and back to my coffee drinking.....

God bless!

p.s. hello Kim!...could you send a line to your layout? Would love to see your version of the 'Ahhhmmmm' layout!

May. 19th, 2008

lotsa of words and photos!

Today is a happy scrap day! Did two layouts...one for the qtea kit and the other for a challenge held over at MWL

First up, my SuperHERO Photographer!

Materials used are mainly from qtea's The Court Jester kit =) Have another layout coming up for that kit! Also used a flocked pp from a previous kit (the blue floral pp at the upper right and bottom left). What i love about this layout, other than the spiderman and the photos is that it is my first time using my stamp stash from Japan! See the nice little camera stamp?? LOVE IT!

Also altered a Maya Road keychain wings ( to make S a more powerful superhero!!!). I didn’t have any paint that matched the colour cloth on which the photo is on. So I took the extra piece of cloth, unthreaded it (if there’s even such a word!) cut the thread into small strips and glued them to onto the wings! I used glossy accents on them to make sure they were secure and added glitter. I love the uneven, frilly effect on it! Try it!

Next up is the layout i did for a National Scrapbooking Day Challenge hosted at MWL's website. The challenge is to "find recycling inspiration in our everyday life and bring it into our scrapbooking". So after i did the superhero layout, i was just cleaning up my PC and chance upon this picture that i wanted to scrap for the longest time...so i printed it out and remembered the challenge! Here's my simple layout -->

S took this photo of me in ChangChun, China last december. We went out of the hotel room in the wee hours of the morning when we saw that it was snowing!!! LOVE THE WHITE SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! But when mornin came, the snow on the road turned black....from the fumes coming out of the exhust pipes of vehicles...maybe one day..the world would be so polluted....it will rain black particles instead of pure white snow... =(

Anyway..back to the layout...i used a piece of checkered cardboard from Love, Elsie cardboard frame packaging for the top right matting, a nice of discount coupon from an online SB shop which has the words "Spring into savings" (i covered the 's' so it reads 'Spring into saving Earth')

Also used the negative part of a sheet of round foam dots which i have been keeping for ages...waiting for the right moment to use it! My journaling was written on strips of that too!! 

Can you figure out where i used these two items on the layout? =)

I used the round cardboard for the hearts and the circle flower..

as for the tape glue, i made use of the strip of plastic...

and made a flower but bunching them up and tying a twine around the centre!

Also made use of the black and white text to show the contrast between now...and in the future...if we continue to pollute the environment...

So let us do our little part in saving Gaia!!!

Talking about saving the earth reminds me of this layout i did for MWL last year  =) Still loving the curled flowers that i have created!!!


okok....guess what i have in this box that's as tall as Baby G?? It is flat...it is sliver and black and it is a mighty 24" =) 

Post a comment to let me know what you think it is (it doesnt have to be correct!) and i will do a layout for one lucky person! 

I was very Inspired by Lia when she first had her do-a-layout-for-someone giveaway and have been wanting to do the same for the longest time but i was not sure if anyone was even reading my blog!! =) oh well, i've decided to try anyway =) 

Please post by Friday, 23 May and i will pick a winner by Sunday! Good luck everyone!

God bless! =)

May. 7th, 2008

some more thoughts...and on more layout..

 here's a layout i did last night for a beautiful couple...look at their sweet smile.. 


it wasn't good enough...so i added more stuff..

hmm...isnt love such a weird thing? 

It is a little like salt, put in too much and it is not healthy....put in too little and it tastes bland.
it is like a plant, water it too much and it drowns...water it too little and it wilts.
It is the perfect match of give and take...of allowing breathing space...of being in close proximity...

It is an art to love. 

Forgive me. I think i am better at scrapbooking.

May. 4th, 2008

some thoughts...some layouts

hmm...how often do we struggle with copyright issues in our lives? Especially in terms of design...how can you prevent someone else from taking your idea...modifying it slightly...and calling it their own? What do you own exactly? Should we not showcase our design because of that? and why cant someone have the exact same idea? haha...food for thought!

anyway...did this piece of commissioned work for a returning customer =) She loves it!! It is a 9 by 9 frame and i used the old Bampop papers which i like alot! I also pasted a robot and the words "happy birthday Monu" on the glass of the shadowbox to create some dimension!


and this was done for challenge website - Unpubbed. Here's how it looks originally (as in when i first thought that i had completed it)....and i thought it looks kinda "empty" on the top right...haha

so i took it out of the display frames...scratched my head...and added some text!!! Love it now =)

doesnt it look more 'complete'? Some close up shots below...

Materials used: A LOT! haha...just to name a few brands...AC, MM, qtea kits, Heidi Swapp, Hambly, EK success, 7G, Scenic Route, Adornit (will name the products next time....it's 4AM!!!)

This is one of the photos taken during Chinese New Year this year!! I love this photo of gideon and me =) and i found out that i do decide on the colour combi from the colours of the photos....cos this layout looks almost like this (in terms of colour!)

haha...oh well...i love them both!!! And i am so in love with the cluttered look =) 

oh....and may i add GOLD to my current list of favourite colours...so to recap....it is


more layouts!!! Feeling all scrappy these few days....



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